Unbiblical Antiques…And Such

I’ve been pondering this week how God must like new things. Have you ever thought of that? I felt this week that God showed me little bit of His childlike nature. It’s beautiful, fun, and pure joy. I also stumbled upon the fact that it includes the excitement over new things. But when I thought […]

Jealous of the Madness

Some approach the creative process from a place of calm surrender to ideas and emotions. They coax the words or paint or notes into the open in efforts to dispel their emotions in the lines and form required. These people push themselves for results and are reliable. They can achieve great things in art, writing, and music while still keeping one foot in reality and balancing a normal life.


The heavy spring snow covers everything today. Power lines sag. Tree branches struggle for dignity. Even the ground itself seems to be burdened by the heavy load. And I too feel the weight of it. It is the breaking point of winter. If a person didn’t know the seasons—the hope of spring in their hearts–it […]

Paintbrushes for Pens

“Poetry is beautiful because it takes us to a place we are not wanting to go to ourselves. But we are more than happy to see what another has brought back.” I found this in an old notebook. In my handwriting. So that means I wrote it. Right? I might have, but wow. That’s pretty […]