The Unnecessary Debate

This article was first featured on as “The Great (Unnecessary) Christian Gender Debate”. “Mom said I’m in charge, so you have to do what I say.” Anyone who grew up with siblings can attest to the cringe-worthy effects that statement has. Parents go out for the evening and give instructions to tidy up the […]

EXIT PLAN: Anchored Hope

I felt the weight of my own rebellion today. Have you felt yours lately? It’s been bothering the human race since the beginning. It’s in every heart. It takes different forms in each of us, but it is there. When the stinging question that exposed my rebellion today shook hands with my heart it felt […]

EXIT PLAN: 6 Steps to Freedom from Fear

 When I was in high school I was required to write and perform a dramatic monologue. My teacher suggested I research Joan of Arc and write from her perspective. I did the research, but was overwhelmed by the ensuing task. I didn’t know where to start. Her childhood visions, her battles, her bravery, her martyrs […]